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Suing A Lender In Minnesota

While many homeowners in Minnesota continue to have difficulties making house payments and staying current with their mortgages, lenders and mortgage companies have been all too willing to put those people into loans that were not appropriate for their situations. An increasing number of homeowners are suing their lenders for help with loans that they cannot afford.

At the law firm of Burns & Hansen, P.A., we have helped many individuals and families find relief and understand their options. While suing a lender may not be appropriate for every homeowner, we will go over your circumstances and provide the answers that you need. If you have already received a notice of foreclosure, or believe you may be facing foreclosure in the near future, it is important to talk to an experienced lawyer.

Find Out Whether You Can Sue Your Lender

It can be difficult to understand whether you have a legitimate complaint with your lender or mortgage broker. It is important to have an experienced lawyer reexamine your loan documents carefully and the circumstances under which you signed them. You may have a legal case if:

  • Your broker falsified your income.
  • Your broker hid his or her fees.
  • You were not given a copy of the good faith estimate and were not given an accurate statement breaking down fees at closing.
  • You were led into a subprime loan, even though your credit would have qualified you for a better loan.
  • You were lied to or deceived.

Payments may be hidden or misrepresented, brokers may double-dip or paperwork may be missing. This type of misconduct can cause a homeowner to end up with a loan that he or she cannot afford.

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