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Minneapolis Family Law Appeals Lawyer

If you believe that a family law judge made a mistake that deprived you of your right to a fair trial, you may have grounds to seek correction of that mistake through the appeals process. It is difficult to appeal to any family court decision, which makes it crucial to have an attorney who is familiar with the procedural requirements of the appeals process.

At the law firm of Burns & Hansen, P.A., our attorneys regularly represent clients in appellate family law cases. These cases may include divorce, property division, child custody, and all other types of family law cases in the Twin Cities and throughout the state of Minnesota. We invite you to schedule a free initial discussion to examine your case.

Grounds For An Appeal

A bad result in a family law case is not, by itself, a basis for filing an appeal. Simply because you do not like the outcome of a custody case or divorce does not mean that a higher court will reverse a decision or order a new trial. It must be demonstrated that there were fatal flaws in the court process that prevented a fair trial, including misapplication of the law, procedural errors or testimony that is improperly allowed. Judges are human, and they make mistakes, and sometimes they issue wrong opinions.

It is important for a family law attorney to consider the possibility that the case will go up on appeal. Since appellate cases are based on the record of what happened at trial, it is important for the trial record to be preserved and for statements and actions to be noted.

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