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Creditor Bankruptcy Litigation Attorneys

For a creditor in Minnesota, bankruptcy litigation is a process that is designed to collect as much of a claim as possible within and outside of a bankruptcy case. In some situations, this requires negotiations with a debtor in order to maintain a collateral position through a period of reorganization. In other bankruptcy litigation matters, it is necessary to pursue relief from the automatic stay so that you can pursue what you deserve from the debtor.

At the law firm of Burns & Hansen, P.A., our extensive experience handling bankruptcy issues for creditors and debtors throughout the Twin Cities and Greater Minnesota allows us to guide clients efficiently through the process. If you or your business needs protection or collection in a claim against a debtor or a competing interest in the case of a bankruptcy, speak with an attorney who will keep your best interests in mind.

Representation For Creditors In Adversarial Bankruptcy Proceedings

Burns & Hansen, P.A., handles litigation cases involving Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy and can go through procedures and adversarial proceedings that include:

  • Filing and defending a proof of claim
  • Relief to an automatic stay to repossess collateral
  • Challenges from the trustee, another creditor or the debtor to the status of your claim
  • Proceedings against the debtor to prevent the discharge of the unsecured portion of a claim due to fraud on a loan application or in performance
  • Claims that are related to fraudulent transfers or undisclosed assets
  • Pursuing judgments against a debtor that include wage garnishments
  • Abandonment proceedings against a bankruptcy trustee

The bankruptcy statutes can be unforgiving to unsuspecting businesses who have legitimate claims against debtors. Unfortunately, litigation may be necessary for creditors to enforce their claims and to protect their interests. Our firm can provide a prompt and professional handling of bankruptcy litigation claims.

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