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Debt Relief For Small Businesses In Minnesota

Given the current economic conditions in Minnesota, small businesses have been hit particularly hard, and many are finding it difficult to deal with cash flow problems, issues with debt and other financial challenges. It can be hard to see all of your hard work threatened by these burdens, and you likely have many questions about protecting your assets, whether you can continue to operate and what your best options are for the future.

It is extremely important for business owners to think strategically and to speak with an experienced attorney when they start to see dramatic changes in their business or the business climate. Unfortunately, too many business owners fail to properly plan for business downturns, and as a result, they make a bad situation worse.

At the law offices of Burns & Hansen, P.A., we have helped many small businesses find options for debt relief through the process of bankruptcy. A small-business bankruptcy can help manage debt and finance problems while protecting you and your assets down the line. Bankruptcy will also stop creditor harassment and halt the foreclosure of real property.

Small-Business Analysis Services

If your business is faced with financial issues and is considering bankruptcy, we can conduct an analysis of your small business to determine its past and future feasibility. We have worked with retailers, contractors and subcontractors, commercial landlords, professional organizations and other small businesses in Minneapolis and Hennepin County, the Twin Cities, and throughout the state of Minnesota.

Once an analysis is finished, and it is determined that bankruptcy is the best option, we will assist you through the process and ensure that your rights and business interests are maintained and protected. We will manage the entire legal process, including the means test, and examine whether continuing to operate, reorganization or liquidation is in the best interests of you and your business.

Learn more information about small-business bankruptcy in Minnesota by speaking with an experienced business lawyer at Burns & Hansen, P.A. Call us locally at 952-219-7897 to schedule an appointment for a free initial discussion.