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Subcontractors Appeals Attorney

Subcontractors, material suppliers and design professionals who are owed money by general contractors, owners, or developers may use mechanic’s liens for issues of nonpayment. At Burns & Hansen, P.A., we represent all parties in mechanic’s lien litigation and appeals, whether from commercial construction, residential construction or remodeling. We are experienced and aggressive in perfecting and foreclosing liens against properties to compel payment.

Our lawyers have argued appeals before the Minnesota Court of Appeals, the Minnesota Supreme Court and the United States Court of Appeals for the 8th Circuit. In Minneapolis, the Twin Cities and statewide, we invite you to call us 952-219-7897 to schedule a free initial discussion to discuss your mechanic’s lien appeals.

Minneapolis Mechanic’s Lien Appeals Attorney

If an owner or general contractor decides to fight a mechanic’s lien or when there is a legitimate dispute regarding a mechanic’s lien, we will protect the rights of our client. Mechanic’s liens may be used in cases where there has been a breach of contract, unreasonable delays or nonpayment of costs, including those that have delayed or halted construction.

In addition to our extensive experience in construction and mechanic’s liens matters, our firm has handled appeals cases for many years with numerous published decisions. To speak with us regarding mechanic’s lien appeals in Minnesota, and what your rights are in the process, talk with Burns & Hansen, P.A., and schedule an appointment for a free initial discussion.

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