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Operation Agreements For Small Businesses

For any business, the best time to resolve a dispute is before one has the opportunity to develop. If you are establishing a small business as a partnership, it is important to have an effective operating agreement in place to establish the rights and responsibilities of each partner in the business. An experienced business law attorney can help you create a partnership agreement that provides the protection you and your business need.

The lawyers at the law firm of Burns & Hansen, P.A., advise a wide range of businesses in Minneapolis, the Twin Cities metro, and Greater Minnesota in negotiation, drafting and review of partnership agreements, and other business agreements. Schedule a free initial discussion to discuss your business goals and needs.

Small-Business Organization And Partnership Agreements

Partnerships give each partner in a business a significant amount of freedom when structuring their respective rights and responsibilities. It is also important to establish the respective obligations of each partner and incorporate these terms into the partnership agreement. By clearly establishing the rights and responsibilities of each partner in a business, it is possible to minimize any disputes that will arise and plan to handle those disputes that do arise. A well-structured partnership can help partners avoid business litigation in the future.

The goal in drafting any type of agreement, including a partnership agreement, is to anticipate likely scenarios and avoid ambiguities that may impact your business in the future. Our attorneys have counseled clients throughout Minnesota and provide continuing representation for business law matters, including litigation when necessary.

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