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Fight For Your Home With An Informed Legal Team

The intent of a second mortgage is to provide borrowers with financial help during a tough time. When borrowers get behind on payments, the lender may take legal action. While some people file for bankruptcy, others may decide to fight the lender in civil court to protect their home. This can be a cost-saving strategy in certain circumstances, especially if the lender is seeking a significant amount of money.

Our team at Burns & Hansen, P.A., has extensive experience representing clients in and out of civil court. Our goal is to relieve the anxiety you feel about your home’s security. We know state and federal laws regarding mortgage lending and foreclosures. We can stand up for your rights and make your voice heard.

Protecting Your Rights As A Borrower

If you’ve fallen behind on your second mortgage payments, you may have received a Summons and Complaint letter, indicating the lender’s intent to secure payment through a lawsuit. There are a few ways your lender may obtain payment, should they achieve a successful case. They might garnish your wages or even have your bank account levied. And, while Minnesota does hold to stricter garnishment laws than those dictated by federal law, you still may see a significant part of your paycheck reduced.

These cases can be quite complex, and the stakes are high. Our lawyers understand that every situation is different and requires an approach that considers every relevant detail. We personalize our strategy to meet each client’s needs.

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