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Experienced Civil And Criminal Appellate Lawyers

If you believe that a judge made a mistake that deprived you of your right to a fair trial, you may have grounds to appeal an adverse outcome.

Minnesota And Federal Appeals

The law firm of Burns & Hansen, P.A., prepares and presents both civil and criminal appeals. We have successfully appealed convictions, verdicts and judgments from bench trials and jury trials in state and federal courts. In fact, our attorneys set the record for one of the fastest successful appeals in Minnesota state history — three hours!

Our accomplished lawyers have argued appeals before the Minnesota Court of Appeals, the Minnesota Supreme Court, and the United States Court of Appeals for the 8th Circuit, with numerous published decisions. We represent individuals and businesses in Minneapolis, the Twin Cities and statewide, and invite you to a free initial discussion to examine your case.

Do I Have Grounds For Appeal?

A bad result is not on its basis for filing an appeal. In order for a higher court to reverse a decision or order a new trial, we must demonstrate “fatal” flaws in the justice process that turned the tide against you such as:

  • A judge’s misapplication of the law or legal precedent
  • Prejudicial evidence or testimony improperly allowed
  • Favorable evidence wrongly excluded
  • Errors in jury instructions
  • Procedural errors in motions, hearings or the trial
  • Other errors

Our Civil And Criminal Appeals Experience

In civil matters, our attorneys have appealed jury awards, other verdicts, summary judgments or other dispositive rulings of a trial court, and appeals of administrative or governmental entity decisions. Our appellate cases mirror our civil litigation practice – appeals over business deals, real estate transactions, property takings, land use, contracts and leases, employment, intellectual property, divorce and custody, probate and bankruptcy.

We have handled appeals of felony criminal convictions or overly harsh sentences with the goal of setting aside the conviction or reducing a prison term or winning a new trial or reconsideration by the trial judge.

Act Quickly To Preserve Your Rights

There is a short window to file an intent to appeal (as little as 10 days in federal court) and much work to be done before appellate briefs are submitted and oral arguments are scheduled. Our attorneys examine the trial record for any and all grounds and consult with investigators, forensic experts, forensic accountants and other professionals to support your case.

Whether you have lost confidence in the attorney who represented you at trial or realize that you need more focused expertise to prevail on appeal, contact Burns & Hansen, P.A., at 952-219-7897 to find out where you stand.