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Commercial Transactions/Uniform Commercial Code Attorney

The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) is a set of laws adopted to make it easier for merchants to do business in other states. Having common rules for interstate transactions eliminates much of the need for formal contracts in the buying and selling of products.

While the UCC establishes rules for commerce between states, there are gray areas, local exceptions and circumstances in which UCC may not apply. The business lawyers of Burns & Hansen, P.A., provide counsel for sure footing when entering transactions and representation when disputes arise.

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Uniform Commercial Code Attorneys

The Uniform Commercial Code applies to interstate sales of goods and certain in-state transactions such as large volume orders. It covers terms of delivery, protocols for accepting or rejecting shipments and payment terms. It likewise governs negotiable instruments (promissory notes), letters of credit, wire transfers, and bank deposits or collections pertaining to those transactions. The UCC also sets forth remedies for breach of contract.

The code is a substantive body of law with many nuances. Our attorneys who practice in this area are familiar with the fine points of UCC and where there may be problems. We can determine if you are a “merchant” under UCC definition and if Uniform Commercial Code rules apply to your pending sale or order.

We can advise on the front end of contracts and transactions such as delivery and payment methods. We can also step in to enforce or defend against claims such as late delivery, breach of warranty, damaged goods or products not to specs, or stop payment orders. Was there a valid and binding contract? Was the product actually delivered or received and in the acceptable condition under the agreement? What is the venue for settling disputes?

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