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Proactive And Effective Shareholder Dispute Lawyers

The law firm of Burns & Hansen, P.A., provides proactive counsel and effective legal advocacy for disputes among stakeholders of a business entity. We understand that these conflicts need to be resolved as timely as possible and with reasonable finality.

Our business litigation attorneys have extensive experience in shareholder and partner disputes. We represent the entity or individuals, serving clients in Minneapolis, across the Twin Cities area and statewide Minnesota. Contact us today for a free initial discussion. Call 952-219-7897.

Efficient Intervention In Shareholder And Partnership Dispute Matters

Internal disputes can quickly escalate. Tempers flare and egos take over. Threats and accusations are tossed around. The other shareholders and key employees may take sides. Our goal is to intervene without fanning the flames, but we offer aggressive representation if other parties have maneuvered against you.

Through negotiation, mediation or litigation, we have handled many types of partner/ownership disputes:

  • Disagreements over direction of the company
  • Distribution of profits
  • One owner who wants out for whatever reason
  • Bringing on a new partner or investors
  • Freeze-out/squeeze-out attempts
  • Minority shareholder oppression
  • Fraud, embezzlement or misconduct by one member

Exploring The Remedies

Our team can respond promptly to assess the situation, advise our client of the options and take necessary action such as seeking injunctions. Ideally, we can get the primary stakeholders to sit down and discuss a workable resolution: a settlement of differences that maintains the status quo, a negotiated buyout of one party, reorganization or other remedy.

If the falling-out is beyond repair, we can represent clients in equitably dissolving the business. We have also prosecuted and defended lawsuits for damages over allegations of collusion to deprive or force out other shareholders.

We prepare for court but aim for cost-effective and reasonable alternatives that preserve the entity, including counseling clients in mediation or arbitration of the partner/shareholder dispute. We have handled internal conflicts in sizeable corporations, small LLCs and partnerships, law firms and professional associations, and family-owned businesses.

Call our Minneapolis office at 952-219-7897 or email us online for direct access to a seasoned business lawyer.