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Minnesota Conservatorship Law

A conservatorship is a court proceeding that allows an individual to be appointed as a conservator. As a conservator, that individual will manage the health care and financial matters of an adult who does not have the legal capacity to take care of himself or herself. The court may appoint a conservator to manage a person’s personal care if that person cannot manage needs for physical health, medical care, food, clothing or shelter.

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Court-Appointed Conservatorship

In addition to personal need, a court may appoint a conservatorship to manage the financial affairs of a person who is unable to manage his or her own financial resources. It is possible for a court to appoint the same person as the conservator of the person and of the estate. In many cases, this conservator may be a family member of the person who is taken care of under the conservatorship.

A limited conservatorship may be used for developmentally disabled adults. In these situations, the court may limit the power of the conservator to protect the health, welfare and safety of the person protected by the conservatorship.

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