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Complex And Multidistrict Litigation Advocates

Minnesota Multidistrict Litigation Lawyers

The civil litigation attorneys of Burns & Hansen, P.A., provide representation to corporations and small businesses in complex and multidistrict litigation across Minnesota and around the country. We have successfully resolved these cases to the benefit of our clients.

Like class action lawsuits, multidistrict litigation (MDL) allows for the processing of cases that involve multiple plaintiffs (sometimes hundreds) in dozens of different courts that all share common issues. While cases subject to MDL are typically handled more efficiently, they still require experienced legal representation to see the process through correctly and completely.

The Advantages Of Consolidated Multidistrict Litigation Proceedings

For many business clients, MDL proceedings are preferable to individual trials. Federal cases that are pending at the time can be consolidated and any subsequent federal cases may be brought in as “tag along” cases. The process is more efficient and may save a great deal of time and money for a business.

In MDL litigation, our firm strives to put clients in the best position possible to protect their interests. We work closely with clients to arrive at practical resolutions and to represent them inside the courtroom. For more information regarding complex MDL litigation, we invite you to speak with a lawyer at Burns & Hansen, P.A..

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