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Why You Need An Experienced Appellate Attorney

Experienced Appellate Representation In Minnesota

Appellate cases are complex, and there are many reasons why you should strongly consider hiring an experienced attorney to handle your appeal. The law firm of Burns & Hansen, P.A., prepares and presents both civil and criminal appeals in state and federal courts. We have successfully appealed convictions, verdicts and judgments from the bench and jury trials across the state of Minnesota.

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Learn Why You Need An Experienced Appellate Attorney

An appellate attorney needs to fully understand the reasoning behind the appeal and the mistakes that were made during the justice process that created an unfair trial. This includes reading and understanding the case record without incorporating biases and emotions from the original trial into appellate briefs since appellate judges are removed from any impressions formed during that trial.

The rules and regulations regarding appeals are different and may be unfamiliar to many trial attorneys. Appeals must be filed within certain time limitations and in a rigid format. Issues must be preserved to be raised on appeal and the legal test applied to the legal argument is usually different from the law that was applied in the trial court.

Only an experienced appellate lawyer can truly be familiar with all of these differences and can assist a client through the difficult appellate process. Our appeals track record is significant and our lawyers have numerous published decisions in Minnesota.

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