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Child Support Enforcement And Modification Help

Child support in Minnesota is calculated according to a formula set forth in the state’s child support guideline statute. While the court has final say in the amount of child support owed, understanding what the formula takes into account should provide you with an idea of how much you may owe or how much your child is eligible to receive.

Since child support is intended for the benefit of any children in a marriage, it is not optional nor are child support responsibilities suspended or discharged should your ex-spouse declare bankruptcy or move to another state.

At Burns & Hansen, P.A., our Minneapolis lawyers review the financial issues involved in child support and enforcement cases, explain how much you are likely to owe, how your taxes could be impacted and what your child is eligible to receive in cases involving disability benefits and medical coverage.

Understanding the financial issues involved is essential in protecting your rights and interests during child support negotiations or enforcement hearings. To schedule a free initial consultation and to discuss your case, contact our child support attorneys at Burns & Hansen, P.A., today.

Enforcement – When Child Support Isn’t Paid

Failure to pay child support carries serious consequences. Depending on the nature of the case and the amount owed, a noncustodial parent in arrears on child support payments could face loss of their driver’s license, seized assets, garnished wages, damage to their credit history, jail or even federal prosecution if the child in question resides in another state. If you are in arrears or if you are a custodial parent of a child who has not received court-ordered child support payments, our attorneys can explain the options available to you.

If you owe child support and are reluctant to come forward, hiring an attorney can mean the difference between a reasonable payment plan and facing fines, jail, or both. It is in the best interests of everyone involved that you remain working and earn money needed to support your children. Toward that end, the court is more inclined to reach a workable solution with those who voluntarily come forward than those it has to issue a contempt order for and a warrant in order to collect child support in arrears.

Modifications — When Illness Or Unemployment Occurs

Child support can be modified when illness, job loss or other factors affect your ability to pay the amount specified by the court. If your ability to pay child support has been impacted by illness or loss of employment, our attorneys will meet with you, evaluate your situation, and prepare all necessary documents and information needed to request a modification in your child support payments.

Since child support is intended for a child and not for the custodial parent, the court must approve any change in child support payments. While some divorced couples try to reach a verbal agreement without involvement by the court, both could be subject to legal action if the court discovers the terms of child support are not being met.

Concerned? Questions? Contact Child Support Lawyers Today.

Child support can impact a person’s life in ways they never anticipated. If you have questions or concerns regarding child support, contact family law attorneys at Burns & Hansen, P.A., today and schedule a free initial discussion to discuss your case. Call our law office at 952-219-7897.