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HOA Dispute Resolution And Litigation Attorneys

Common interest doesn’t always mean consensus of opinion. Developers don’t always fulfill their promises. Contractors don’t always pay their people. Association members can’t always pay their mortgage or even their dues.

Burns & Hansen, P.A., advises and represents numerous homeowners association boards in Minneapolis-St. Paul, the Twin Cities suburbs and across Minnesota in all manner of HOA disputes. We can also represent unit owners, individual board members or construction companies when there is no conflict of interest. Schedule a free initial discussion to discuss how we can help. Call 952-219-7897.

Experienced In HOA Disputes And Litigation

Our accomplished trial lawyers have represented townhome associations, condominium associations and other common interest communities in a wide range of legal conflicts:

HOA Disputes With Association Members

  • Collection of dues and assessments
  • Disputes over restrictive covenants
  • Minnesota Open Meeting Law
  • Disputes about common areas (access, upkeep, etc.)
  • Allegations of fraud, favoritism or arbitrary actions of the board
  • Lien foreclosure or eviction

Litigation Involving Outside Parties

Typically, developers are responsible for forming the association, provision of roads and utilities, and initial funding for garbage collection, snowplowing and other shared services. We can step in if the developer failed to properly form or fund the project. We have also litigated overpromised amenities (swimming pools, rec centers, etc.) that were never built or abandoned before completion.

Our real estate attorneys have extensive experience in homeowners association litigation and broad backgrounds in real estate and construction litigation. Call our Minneapolis office at 952-219-7897 for a free initial discussion about your HOA dispute.