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What Happens When A Parent Needs To Move

“Going your separate ways” after divorce may literally mean that one of you moves out of town, out of state or even outside the U.S. Things get sticky when a co-parent with primary custody wants to relocate the children as well. That requires the consent of the noncustodial parent or permission from the court.

The Minneapolis law firm of Burns & Hansen, P.A., routinely handles the tense and thorny disputes of parent relocation. Our attorneys aim for a practical solution that makes the best of the realities of co-parenting. However, sometimes there is no middle ground or the other parent won’t negotiate. We can capably assert your interests in contested family court proceedings, whether you are seeking or challenging the move.

What Is Required To Obtain Or Challenge A Move With A Child

If you are on amicable terms with the other parent, we can help modify the custody agreement and work out the logistics and financial issues such as additional time with the child during summer and holidays or subsidizing the travel costs of visitation. We strive for fairness and clarity to avoid future disputes and a parenting plan that preserves the child’s bond with the parent left behind.

The courts assume that children thrive best with two actively involved parents. So the burden of proof in contested proceedings is on the parent requesting to take the kids away. Distance is a big factor, but the court is concerned foremost with the best interests of the child. A higher-paying job, better schools or a family support network may be justification, but uprooting children for a new romantic partner, a change of scenery or vindictive reasons are not.

If you are challenging custody relocation, our Minnesota parental relocation lawyers must convince the court that you play an important role in your child’s life, and that your child and your relationship would be unduly harmed by the move. An expedited hearing may be slated if the proposed relocation is imminent; we can respond quickly to prepare you to state your objections to the judge.

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Our Minneapolis lawyers offer creative and sensible solutions for difficult scenarios, and we can stand up for what’s best for you and your children. At Burns & Hansen, P.A., we handle parent relocation and custody issues in the Twin Cities and throughout Minnesota. Call 952-219-7897 or contact our law firm online to schedule an appointment.