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Attorneys For Victims Of Professional Malpractice

Lawyers, doctors, dentists and other professionals are required to provide their clients with a level of care that meets certain professional standards. When these licensed professionals make serious mistakes, they can face administrative and peer sanctions for their negligence. Those professionals can also be held liable for monetary damages to compensate those who have been harmed – physically or financially – by their negligence or misconduct.

The civil litigation attorneys of Burns & Hansen, P.A., strive to help our clients protect their interests and fiercely represent them in cases involving professional malpractice. We have extensive experience in litigation and have handled a wide spectrum of civil disputes, including professional malpractice, across Minneapolis, the Twin Cities and throughout Minnesota.

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Our Professional Malpractice Practice

We provide representation to people who have suffered financial harm or physical injury due to the actions or negligence of professionals, including:

  • Legal malpractice
  • Psychiatric malpractice
  • Stockbroker and financial professional malpractice
  • Malpractice from teachers, architects or any other professional whose conduct or services caused harm or financial loss

While the threshold of proof is high and professional malpractice cases are rarely easy, our law firm has the experience and the legal resources to vigorously pursue these cases for our clients. We will sit down with you to discuss your desired outcome and your legal options.

If You Were Hurt Because Of Professional Malpractice, Talk To Us

You can count on us for realistic expectations about the expense and likely outcome, but we will vigorously pursue whatever course of action you choose.

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