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Appealing Mechanic’s Liens In Construction Matters

The law firm of Burns & Hansen, P.A., represents contractors, builders, developers and other parties in construction and mechanic’s liens matters, including litigation and appeals. Our attorneys have litigated construction claims in Minneapolis and across the greater Twin Cities, as well as throughout statewide Minnesota.

We have assisted all parties in construction and mechanic’s liens matters, whether from commercial or residential construction or remodeling. We are experienced in the process of litigation and appeals and are fully prepared to assist our clients in the resolution of their goals. Consult with us at a free initial discussion to examine your case and learn more about your legal options.

Minneapolis Mechanic’s Liens Appeals Attorneys

In mechanic’s lien litigation and appeals, we represent parties that include:

  • General contractors
  • Subcontractors, material suppliers and design professionals
  • Business owners
  • Property owners
  • Lenders

Our trial lawyers have extensive experience in construction law and litigation, including issues surrounding the mechanic’s liens. We have successfully appealed judgments and liens in civil matters.

There is a short window to file a notice of appeal, and a considerable amount of work needs to be done before appellate briefs are submitted and oral arguments are scheduled. Our attorneys examine the trial record for any and all grounds and consult with experts to support your case.

Contact Burns & Hansen, P.A., at 952-219-7897 to find out more information regarding mechanic’s liens appeals in Minnesota.