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Commercial Property Transactions, Leases And Disputes

Everything is more complicated in commercial real estate transactions — accurate valuation, purchase terms, financing, due diligence, regulations. The law firm of Burns & Hansen, P.A., provides comprehensive counsel, from contracts to closing, to protect our clients as much as possible from a bad bargain, deal-breaking disputes or future liability.

Attorney Patrick Burns brings years of focused experience in commercial real estate law. He represents buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants in commercial property transactions, commercial lease agreements, and disputes or legal action flowing from those exchanges.

We have handled hundreds of commercial real estate matters in Minneapolis and Hennepin County, across the Twin Cities and throughout Minnesota. Arrange a free initial discussion today.

Cities Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Our lawyers advise business owners on all facets of buying or selling a commercial property:

  • Identifying suitable sites
  • Negotiating or reviewing the purchase contract
  • Title review and title insurance
  • Environmental compliance
  • Bank loans or other financing

You don’t want any surprises at closing or disputes after the deal is done. We perform due diligence on the other party and the property itself regarding clear title, pending litigation, financing commitments, required disclosures and proper zoning for the intended use. We also work to ensure that the obligations of both parties are spelled out such as who pays for inspections, correction of defects and current year taxes.

Commercial Leases, Disputes And Eviction

We represent property owners or businesses in the leasing of office, retail, warehouse, manufacturing or other commercial space. We go beyond a cookie-cutter lease agreement to address any potential issues that can later blow up into expensive legal conflicts such as the right of first refusal, subleasing, maintenance and services.

We represent commercial tenants facing eviction from their long-term place of business because the building is being sold; the change in location can have a devastating impact on profitability. We also represent commercial landlords who have to enforce lease provisions or file suit to collect back rent or initiate an eviction. (See Landlord-Tenant Law.) We do go to court, but can often work out collaborative solutions to rent disputes or lease violations.

Protect your interests in a commercial lease agreement or commercial real estate transaction. Call our Minneapolis office at 952-219-7897 for a free initial discussion.