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Modification Of Custody And Parenting Time In Minnesota

Families change. If your child custody and visitation plan no longer works in the best interests of your children, you can obtain a modification.

At the Minneapolis law offices of Burns & Hansen, P.A., we protect the rights of clients in the Twin Cities and throughout Minnesota who want a modification of their current child custody and visitation plan. We provide plaintiff and defense counsel for individuals involved in these disputes.

Make Sure You Understand Your Modification Rights

The minute you sign a marital termination agreement and agree to a custody and visitation schedule, it is set in stone. Many people agree to legally binding terms and conditions too quickly because they just want to move on without a fight. It could take weeks, months or years before you realize that your child custody plan does not work.

If modifying child custody becomes necessary, due to parental relocation or some other reason, you want an experienced lawyer by your side, so you can better understand your rights and options. Before you can take a child custody dispute to court, you must have a justifiable reason.

If you are interested in a modification of child custody, you have to know your facts and be prepared to present your case. It can only be changed by another court order, and the court will not take any case lightly. We will make sure you are prepared for the challenges ahead.

Helping You Make Changes To Your Parenting Plan And Preparing For A Better Future

A change in child custody is a big deal. Whether you want the change or you would like to defend your current plan, we can help you do what is best for your kids. Located in Minneapolis, we are ready to provide you with the honest answers and creative solutions you are looking for. Contact our firm today for more information. Call us at 952-219-7897.