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Compensation Agreement And Employment Contracts

The relationship between employer and employee requires certain boundaries to protect the interests of each side. Clearly defined policies, thoroughly reviewed agreements and adherence to state and federal laws can go a long way toward preventing disputes.

The experienced attorneys of Burns & Hansen, P.A., provide proactive legal consulting to small and medium-sized companies in Minneapolis, Hennepin County, the greater Twin Cities and statewide Minnesota. Understanding how to protect your business from exposure is essential to averting complicated and expensive legal battles later. Schedule a free initial discussion today by calling 952-219-7897.


We can help clients draft employee handbooks to spell out obligations, expectations and processes. We also guide employers in developing and implementing concrete policies for responding to employee complaints or threatened legal action.

We help business clients address any potential conflicts:

  • Alcohol and drug policies
  • Computer and email use
  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Investigation of harassment or discrimination claims
  • Pensions and benefits
  • Employee layoffs
  • Hiring practices
  • Employee vs. independent contractor status
  • Discipline or termination of employees


Our attorneys are skilled in negotiation, drafting and review of restrictive covenants and compensation contracts with executives and employees. The aim of employment contracts is to prevent theft of trade secrets or unfair competition, should those employees leave your company, without being so restrictive or ambiguous that the clauses are unenforceable:

  • Noncompete agreements – Barring ex-employees from directly competing
  • Confidentiality/nondisclosure agreements – Revealing sensitive information to competitors
  • Nonsolicitation agreements – Luring away clients
  • Noncircumvention agreements – Cutting you out of a deal with a third party
  • Agreements with independent contractors
  • Compensation-only agreements
  • Executive perks
  • Severance negotiations


Despite the best efforts to prevent legal conflicts, you may be drawn into employment litigation. Our trial attorneys are prepared to go to court to enforce agreements or defend employers against claims of sexual harassment, employment discrimination, compensation disputes, or violations of ADA, FMLA or labor laws.

Call our Minneapolis lawyers at 952-219-7897 for a free initial discussion about an employment contract or employee issue.