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Protecting Your Constitutional Property Rights

A number of phrases should put you on alert if they come up in connection with your property: eminent domain, condemnation, adverse possession, prescriptive easement, just to name a few. All of these terms mean your constitutional property rights are at stake and they need protection.

Our lawyers here at Burns & Hansen, P.A., know how to handle these issues. Our attorneys bring years of experience to the table in property matters, years you can put to work for your own benefit.

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Securing Fair Compensation For Your Property

Whether you own residential or commercial property in the Twin Cities or in northern Minnesota, you can turn to us. Throughout Minnesota, we work with knowledgeable surveyors and other experts to ensure that your property rights under the Constitution are observed.

These rights include not only due process with respect to any taking of your property but also fair compensation for your property if it does, in fact, get taken under eminent domain or some other legal process. In those situations, you can depend on us to help you accurately and fairly value your property.

When necessary, we will protect your property rights in litigation and at trial. In doing so, we practice a style of law that is as efficient as it is effective. For that reason, and because of our years of experience, you can confidently rely on our guidance if we recommend trial as the best way to protect your rights.

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