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Guardianship Creation Attorney

A guardianship is a legal arrangement that places an individual under the supervision of a guardian. This guardian is typically a family member, friend or fiduciary appointed by the court. The individual who is protected by the guardianship can be a minor who is currently without a parental guardian or an adult who can no longer make safe and sound decisions regarding his or her own person or property.

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Duties Of A Guardian

A guardianship of a person may relegate the following responsibilities to an appointed guardian:

  • Determining and maintaining the residence
  • Providing informed consent to and supervising medical treatment
  • Making end-of-life decisions
  • Consenting to and supervising educational decisions
  • Paying debts and other expenses
  • Maintaining the protected person’s autonomy as much as possible

A guardianship may also be used to protect the legal rights of a minor in the event that a parent is no longer able to act on behalf of his or her child. A minor may be eligible for a legal guardianship if his or her parent cannot provide adequate shelter, does not have a steady income, suffers from an illness or is otherwise unable to provide adequate care.

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