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Bankruptcy For Homeowners In Minnesota

If you are having difficulties making home mortgage payments on time, if you are dealing with significant amounts of credit card debt or other forms of debt, or if you are worried about losing your home to foreclosure, it is in your best interest to sit down with an experienced bankruptcy attorney. Not only will you learn more about your options, but a bankruptcy lawyer can give you a realistic assessment of your financial situation.

The lawyers at Burns & Hansen, P.A., know that while bankruptcy is not the correct option for everyone, it can be an effective solution in some situations, including those involving homeowners who are concerned about losing their homes. If you are ready to speak with someone about your options, contact us to schedule a free initial discussion today.

Bankruptcy Can Be Used To Stop Home Foreclosure

There are many questions to ask when deciding whether bankruptcy is the right option. How substantial is the mortgage debt and how far in arrears are you? If you no longer had any credit card debt or other debt taking your money each month, would your mortgage payments be affordable? Is your home worth less than the mortgage value, and if it is, how much less?

There are practical considerations to make when determining whether bankruptcy is an effective long-term option. No matter how far along the bank is in the foreclosure process, filing bankruptcy will bring the process to a stop. For some homeowners, bankruptcy will allow them to get current with their mortgages, keep their homes and get back to financial health.

In Minneapolis, the Twin Cities or throughout greater Minnesota, talk with us regarding bankruptcy and foreclosure. Contact Burns & Hansen, P.A. online or call 952-219-7897. Schedule a free initial discussion today.