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A severance agreement can be beneficial for an employer for many reasons, many of which have potential legal ramifications. In order to ensure that your company's interests are fully protected through a severance agreement, and that the agreement is valid, it is advisable to speak with an experienced employment law attorney. Discuss your concerns with our firm regarding severance agreements and severance packages in Minnesota.

The employment law attorneys of Burns & Hansen, P.A. provide reliable legal advice for severance agreements, non-compete agreements and other employment agreements. We represent small and mid-size companies in Minneapolis, the Twin Cities and statewide Minnesota. Schedule an appointment for a free initial discussion today.

Minneapolis Severance Agreement Attorneys

As part of our employment law services, our firm can help your business by:

  • Counseling your business about whether a severance agreement is advisable
  • Drafting an agreement that contains terms that are enforceable
  • Ensuring that an agreement meets all labor and employment laws
  • Representing your business in severance negotiations
  • Representing your firm when disputes or litigation arise out of severance negotiations

Our firm has worked with hiring managers, human resources staff, business executives and business owners to draft severance agreements that are enforceable, strategic and fully legal.

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