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March 2016 Archives

What is adverse possession?

A recent post here focused on boundary issues that can develop between neighboring landowners. When landowners proactively address the conflicts that exist between them, there isn't always a need to draw up new property descriptions to establish land borders. However, when land is subject to unresolved conflicts and is used by individuals who do not properly hold title to it, landowners may find that their rights to their own property have changed.

What are the legal procedures in an eviction dispute?

When a landlord and a tenant are in the midst of a dispute over whether or not the tenant should be allowed to stay in the property based on a violation, an expiration of the agreement or some other issue, the landlord might try to begin eviction procedures. While the term "eviction" might sound simple enough, there are laws in Minnesota that govern how this must be handled. The landlord and the tenant have to be aware of the procedures for an eviction in any lease dispute.

What is the construction law for home improvement warranties?

In Minnesota, construction can be a tricky business for both the property owner and the contractor. Understanding how the law works when it comes to warranties for home improvement can be complex. Both the builder and the client need to be aware of the laws and, if necessary, take the right action when there is a disagreement over the project and whether it is functioning as it was intended.

Boundary issues can be tough disputes to resolve

Our Minneapolis readers may be familiar with the saying, "good fences make good neighbors." The statement implies that as long as individuals who live in close proximity to each other can delineate where their land stops and others' begins, and no one interferes with the land of others, then relations between neighbors can be peaceful. However, it is often during the proposed construction of a fence or other property-defining structure that arguments between neighbors can erupt regarding the boundaries of their properties.

Are there different designations for commercial zoning?

Some areas of any given city in Minnesota may be designated as primarily residential, and thus are zoned for family homes, while others are primarily businesses and zoned for commercial use. Minneapolis and surrounding communities utilize different zoning plans and practically all communities include in their layouts designations for commercial space.

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