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Boundary issues can be tough disputes to resolve

Our Minneapolis readers may be familiar with the saying, “good fences make good neighbors.” The statement implies that as long as individuals who live in close proximity to each other can delineate where their land stops and others’ begins, and no one interferes with the land of others, then relations between neighbors can be peaceful. However, it is often during the proposed construction of a fence or other property-defining structure that arguments between neighbors can erupt regarding the boundaries of their properties.

If individuals on adjacent properties do not agree as to where their properties separate, then they are likely to face some difficult boundary issues. There are several ways that people dealing with these real estate disputes can address their conflicts. Anyone who is in need of more help with boundary issues or conflicts can seek additional information regarding their specific legal problems.

One way people can resolve boundary issues is to simply create an agreement as to where one tract of land stops and the next starts. While this strategy may be the least adversarial of options, it may leave one property owner conceding part of his land and another acquiring land that is not technically his. Another way to settle a boundary dispute is to consult with the property surveys created for the relevant tracts of land and to investigate if they specify where the property lines should be drawn.

If an agreement cannot be reached and surveys do not clear up boundary disputes, individuals can always pursue litigation through claims of quiet title to settle their property line conflicts. Protecting one’s property rights is important, and understanding real estate law and other useful resources is also important for those who need to address boundary and other real property disputes.