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Are there different designations for commercial zoning?

Some areas of any given city in Minnesota may be designated as primarily residential, and thus are zoned for family homes, while others are primarily businesses and zoned for commercial use. Minneapolis and surrounding communities utilize different zoning plans and practically all communities include in their layouts designations for commercial space.

Commercial properties can vary greatly from each other, and for this reason a single community may have different types of commercial zones on its books. A city may recognize commercial zoning for businesses of certain sizes or for different types of use. For example, in some communities within certain distances from houses of worship and schools, adult-themed businesses cannot be zoned. Additionally, how many patrons or how large of a parking lot a business will require can also preclude its placement in a commercial zoning area.

A person who hopes to open a business or commercial enterprise is always well served to investigate potential sites where the entity may operate and to learn about the sites’ zoning designations. This can be a good way to avoid zoning issues later on.

Commercial zoning, like other forms of zoning, can limit where and what type of business a person can operate on a particular tract of land. Although exceptions can sometimes be made to zoning regulations, a prospective business owner may see plans derailed by a local zoning board if the intentions for the business are not aligned with the permissible uses of the zoning area. Commercial zoning regulations can be diverse and those interested in using land in such areas should understand the rules they will be subject to when they initiate their commercial operations.