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Considerations for stay-at-home moms going through divorce

Being a stay-at-home mom is usually a wonderful experience for the women who have this opportunity. They might not be prepared for the possibility of having to forge a life on their own if the marriage ends. This situation happens more than some people realize, and the women who go through it are often left scrambling to make ends meet.

There are specific considerations that these stay-at-home mothers need to think about. You must find out how laws in Minnesota apply direct to your case. You can’t base your decisions off what happened for someone else because even small differences in cases can have a big impact in the outcome.

Plan to go back to work

Unless you have some sort of income that doesn’t require you to work, you are going to need a job. The amount of time you have spent staying home with the kids directly impacts the possibility of your finding employment. You may need to take classes and work on getting experience in the workforce. You might not find a higher paying job right away, but you might be able to ask for temporary alimony, also known as rehabilitation alimony, to bridge the financial gap until you can support yourself.

Think about your budget

You need to think about your budget. If you and your ex have considerable shared assets, this is even more important because you don’t need to hold on to assets that might make it impossible for you to cover the bills. For example, staying in the marital home might seem like a good idea. However, you must be able to pay mortgage, utilities, insurance and other related expenses.

Caring for your children

Child support may be a possibility if the kids are going to live with you. While your ex is ordered to pay, never count on it coming in. There is always a chance that it might be late or that something will happen and you won’t get it. Try to plan for this so that you aren’t left in a financial bind.

Anything that you and your ex agree to should be put into writing. Your divorce settlement and the child custody paperwork are keys to ensuring that you get what’s due to you.