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Your high-asset divorce does not have to get ugly

If you’re getting divorced, you may be facing a great deal of anxiety about the future of your livelihood and your estate. While these are certainly reasonable fears, a divorce does not have spell disaster, and it does not have to be social and professional suicide.

With the guidance of a professional, experienced attorney who understands the nuances of complex divorces, it is possible to remove much of the mystery and fear from the divorce process. Whereas many divorce attorneys build their practice on pitting spouses against each other in a protracted legal battle, a true professional knows how to minimize the craziness and get to the heart of the matter – helping you dissolve your marriage in a fair and equitable manner.

Even if you have significant personal or professional assets, qualified legal counsel can guide you through this difficult terrain to land on your feet on the other side.

The more you own, the trickier divorce can be

In many cases, the quickest and most painless divorces are those that involve the fewest assets. The greater the assets held within the marriage, the more opportunity there may be for conflict.

After all, in the eyes of the law, a divorce is essentially the dissolution of a business contract between to parties. When one attempts to divide complex assets in a potentially volatile, emotional context, it is easy for one party or another to use divorce settlement negotiations as an opportunity to punish the other for hurts that occurred within the relationship.

A professional attorney who prefers to operate without manipulating emotions can help you evaluate and fairly divide a wide range of assets and liabilities, including retirement funds, personal collections, inheritance, real estate holdings, investments, business assets, and tax obligations.

Each type of asset and liability is subject to different laws, and the details are everything. Not all investments receive the same legal treatment, nor do all types of personal belongings. If you received an inheritance during your marriage, it may not count as marital property, depending on how you chose to use it or keep it secluded.

Similarly, divorcing can have significant tax implications, and professional guidance may help you enjoy the tax benefits of filing jointly as long as possible. If done correctly, this can save both spouses a great deal in taxes without jeopardizing your overall settlement.

If your marriage lasted a significant amount of time, this may factor heavily into what your spouse can reasonably pursue in a settlement.

Build a professional team for a professional experience

The bitter pill to swallow is that the divorce will not likely be a simple matter, and will be costly, barring a valid prenuptial agreement. The silver lining, however, is that your divorce can be professional and does not have to become a personal war of attrition.

You can come to the negotiation table with reasonable expectations, and enlist the representation of legal counsel who understands how to fight for your fair treatment and the preservation of your rights. If you do so, it is possible to weather the process and enter into a new season of life ready to begin a new chapter.