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Time of year can affect sale of residential property

Our readers may have noticed some interesting trends with regard to how and when homes appear on the real estate market. It may seem like there are rarely homes for sale in the dead of winter, but when the weather begins to warm up more homeowners place “for sale” signs in their front yards. That is because the time of year that a homeowner chooses to offer a property for sale can impact if it will actually sell or not.

Minnesota is known for its brutal winters; not many people want to travel throughout the state in order to look for new homes during this time of year. However, spring is often a time when families begin to make plans for the coming fall. Parents who are asked to move for their jobs may desire to purchase new homes as their kids are wrapping up their academic years so that their families can be settled into their new lives before the next school year starts.

Residential property sales in Minnesota increase during early May and often continue to be strong through June. Knowing facts and details like these can help homeowners not only to know when they should have their homes ready to offer for sale, but also generally how much they may ask for their homes as they are likely to have a number of comparable properties to use for finding the right market value for their homes.

Selling a home can be tricky, but there are certain times of year that buyers tend to seek out properties more frequently than during other times of the year.

Source: CBS Minnesota, “Good Question: What’s The Best Time Of Year To Sell A Home?” John Lauritsen, April 6, 2016