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July 2015 Archives

You have rights when hiring a construction general contractor

For many people, starting a major home renovation is a daunting prospect. This is because most Minnesota residents do not have the knowledge required to do the entire project on their own. When individuals desire to have major work done to their homes but cannot take on the work themselves, they often hire general contractors.

Why do I have to pay homeowner's association fees?</

When a Minneapolis resident buys an unencumbered piece of land and constructs a private residence on that property, she is only limited in her building plans by the area's zoning and building ordinances. A person, to some extent, may use and treat her land as she sees fit to produce the use and enjoyment out of it that she desires. Many existing homes may also be purchased and used without extra restrictions; outside of planned communities, private homes usually may be changed, modified, and improved at the owners' choosing.

Buying a home may not be a priority for all

Homeownership is sometimes viewed as one of a person's many steps on the way to true adulthood. To some Minneapolis residents, giving up an apartment with friends in lieu of buying a home with a significant other signifies the start of a lifestyle committed to the family and home. Although this has been a trend in the past, recent studies are suggesting that young people have a different view on homeownership than those of generations past.

Be confident in your commercial real estate lease

Like a residential real estate lease, a commercial real estate lease sets out the terms and conditions of use that a property owner imposes on the party to whom she leases space. In Minneapolis, laws related to zoning control some aspects of commercial lease agreements, but with regard to conditions like pricing and resolving disputes, variations can exist.

Construction litigation can be based on many causes

Even building a simple house can be a complicated process. In Minneapolis, individuals who desire to construct new homes have to contend with building laws, zoning restrictions and other legal requirements that dictate what they may and may not do with their properties. Due these and the many other limits that a person faces when the person wants to construct a new edifice, some people utilize the services of construction professionals to see their projects through to the end.

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