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You have rights when hiring a construction general contractor

For many people, starting a major home renovation is a daunting prospect. This is because most Minnesota residents do not have the knowledge required to do the entire project on their own. When individuals desire to have major work done to their homes but cannot take on the work themselves, they often hire general contractors.

General contractors are individuals who manage construction projects. Though other contractors, known as subcontractors, may do work on a job, a general contractor makes sure that the project runs smoothly and on schedule. Finding a good general contractor can be difficult, and readers of this real estate blog should not feel beholden to whoever appears qualified to undertake their construction project needs.

For example, individuals have the right to work with general contractors that are properly licensed and insured. If an accident happens at a worksite on a person’s home, he will want to be insulated from liability by the professional insurance of the general contractor. Additionally, individuals may ask their general contractors if they are prepared to handle any unique problems regarding the project that may make it unsafe.

Individuals also have to right to ask general contractors about their experience doing jobs similar to the ones proposed by the home owners. Home owners should not feel pressured to sign construction project contracts with general contractors until they are confident in their choices.

The law firm of Burns & Hansen can help people during the home construction project process move forward with the general contractors they trust. Our attorneys can help their clients draft construction agreements that meet their needs and protect their rights and their relationships with their general contractors.