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Are your neighbors gearing up for a property line dispute?
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Are your neighbors gearing up for a property line dispute?

Many Minneapolis residents have heard the phrase, “good fences make good neighbors.” The implication of this concept is that neighbors do better when they are not in each other’s business. However, it can be hard for some neighbors to stay out of each other’s way when they do not agree on where one party’s land ends and the other’s begins.

A fight over who owns what property often turns into a property line dispute. This blog has previously addressed ways that neighbors can settle their property line disagreements. However, property issues can arise in other ways between neighboring land owners. Whether one has a right to an easement on the other’s property and a myriad of other scenarios can arise when land owners do not know exactly what boundaries contain their property.

Understanding one’s property rights often involves exercising due diligence and investigating a property’s record. A property’s record will give its dimensions and inclusions, as well as the names of prior owners of the property and any interests that may attach to it. Such interests can include liens, easements and other legal devices that give other parties rights to the property’s use and value.

When buying a new piece of property, people should know what they are getting and what the property may be subject to from prior land owners. Some grants of property rights to non-owners can carry over to subsequent buyers. Not knowing about these limitations can devalue or render useless a piece of property desired by a buyer.

The attorneys of Burns & Hansen recognize that real property purchases are big investments for businesses and private parties. A buyer should know what the person is getting before the buyer signs on the dotted line to purchase land. Our law firm can help people exercise due diligence in the investigation of a piece of property’s history before they wind up facing a potential property line dispute or other land use disagreement.