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May 2015 Archives

Property liens in the world of construction law

In the past, it was more common for a single entity to undertake the entirety of a large construction project. From providing the needed materials to supplying adequate labor, a single Minnesota corporation may have done all of the planning and work needed to complete a large building project. Today, however, many separate entities may all work on a single project and provide specialized goods and services in order for the building to be finished.

You have rights when real estate fraud affects your interests

Just recently this Minnesota real estate law blog examined an unfortunate way that criminal activity can creep into the real property world -- real estate fraud. Prospective renters and home buyers can find themselves the victims when dishonest parties offer for rent or sale interests in real estate that they have no rights to claim. Before a person even knows that he has been deceived the corrupt party many have already pocketed the person's money and moved on and taking advantage of another innocent person.

What are examples of real estate fraud?

At its very basic level, an act of fraud occurs when one person intentionally misleads another person in order to get money or another desired resource out of the deceitful interaction. Minnesotans are subject to attempted frauds in many realms of life; whether they fall for those attempted tricks depends upon how carefully they pay attention to the actions of others.

Taxes could change for commercial properties in Minnesota

Whether the economy is booming or slipping toward recession, many Minnesota residents understand the importance of saving money where they can. While some of their costs are variable and can change or be eliminated from month to month, others are constant and become monthly or yearly obligations to pay. One obligation that individual citizens and businesses that own property are used to is property taxes. Property taxes are levied by the state as a form of revenue and are imposed on those who hold title to real property.

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