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What can go wrong with an FSBO transaction?

A for sale by owner transaction, is a real estate sale that generally does not use real estate agents or attorneys on the seller’s side to effectuate a real property transaction. Many Minnesota residents try to undertake such transactions every year and some have success. Others, however, encounter issues that stall their home sales and make finding buyers a difficult feat.

People try to complete FSBO sales for a number of reasons, but one of the biggest rationales behind undertaking a home sale on one’s own is to save money. They worry that real estate attorneys or real estate property professionals will take big cuts out of their homes’ selling prices. While real estate property professionals generally do charge fees for their services, their costs can be significantly less than the costs a person encounters when his FSBO transaction goes bad.

Individuals who engage in FSBO transactions can make mistakes that would not have otherwise occurred had they enlisted professional help. Serious problems such as leaving out important contract terms, missing inspections and failing to ensure that buyers have funding to purchase the homes can all thwart a potential home sale and cost a seller a lot of money to fix. The challenges of managing a home sale on one’s own can be onerous and can lead to costly mistakes.

Selling a home can be a scary endeavor and for that reason many Minnesota residents choose to work with real estate professionals who understand the rules and processes that govern the sales and purchases of residential property. The costs associated with hiring such professionals may turn some to look into FSBO transactions, but the benefits associated with professional help can be invaluable to completing a successful home sale.