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We can help you start your construction project
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We can help you start your construction project

Whether you are planning to build a home, a business or another project that requires construction in the greater Minneapolis area, the law firm of Burns & Hansen can help you meet your planning and building needs. Construction projects can be very complex, from choosing the right construction site based on zoning, to establishing a solid services contract for the actual project build. We can help you during these important construction steps.

A planned-use structure that is built in the wrong zone for its intended purpose may not be able to be used by the owner once construction of it is complete. By researching zoning and working with existing methods of requesting rezoning, a person engaged in a building project may be able to realize his dream structure in the location of his initial choosing.

Additionally, problems can occur when construction contracts are hastily created or when project planners let builders and construction companies dictate the terms of their agreements. Parties wishing to build in Minnesota can work to have their preferences codified in contracts through construction negotiation. Our law firm can work with you to ensure that your needs are met for the performance of contracts related to your building project.

Construction is exciting. It begins with a basic plan and ends with a new home, business, or other structure. How that structure may be used and if it meets its owners’ needs are dependent on a number of factors that occur during the building process. Don’t let unanticipated problems derail your building dreams. Let the law firm of Burns & Hansen support you during your next important construction endeavor.