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How do I plan for divorce in Minnesota?

You know it is time for you and your spouse to go separate ways. But before you tell your spouse, you need to put together a plan.

So where do you start? Gathering documents on any relevant matters related to your marriage, your children and your spouse represents a solid foundation. In the end, organization is crucial and may help this difficult period go as smoothly as possible.

Gather crucial documents and information

Please do not overlook supporting documentation that you will need to help in the legal decision-making related to divorce. Here are some of the steps you must undertake when planning for divorce:

  • Gather financial records: This includes tax returns during the time of your marriage, mortgage statements, credit card statements, mutual fund and money market accounts, retirement investments along with banking and checking accounts.
  • Assemble information regarding your children: Providing documents such as medical records, medications, school records, school activity costs will provide you, attorneys and the courts a better idea on child support calculations, and custody and parenting time.
  • Collecting information and records related to your spouse: Documents such as records on business dealings, police reports along with relevant correspondence will help in matters such as alimony, property division and business valuations.
  • Contact a divorce attorney: You need insight and additional direction, and an attorney can provide that. This is to your advantage.

Laying a groundwork that includes documentation and communication will guide you in your divorce plans.

Looking out for yourself

By trusting your instincts, planning and organizing, you can make this difficult time less difficult. By looking out for yourself and your children, you are on your way toward a workable divorce agreement.