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Stay-at-home moms and child custody: What you need to know

Getting divorced is a stressful, emotional process. When you have young children, getting divorced seems that much more daunting. You may worry about the emotional impact on the children. If you are a stay-at-home mother who hasn’t worked in years, you’re probably worried about being able to support yourself and your children.

You may worry that the courts won’t give you custody of the children if you can’t provide the kind of lifestyle they’ve had so far in life. It’s normal to worry, but working with an experienced Minnesota divorce and family law attorney can help ease the stress.

If you file for divorce and request custody during the divorce process, the courts typically order your former spouse to pay child support. In cases where you ended your professional life to raise your children, you may worry about finances, as your ability to earn a proper wage has diminished by exiting the workforce for a number of years.

Depending on your circumstances, you may remain in the family home to reduce the emotional impact on the children. The best way to ensure you have a positive outcome to your divorce proceedings is to work with an experienced Minnesota lawyer.

Many factors impact custody and child support decisions

Depending on the age of your children, they may have a say in where they want to live. In the case of young children, you can request custody and then build a case if your former spouse does not agree. The courts will look at parental bond, as well as you availability. When considering your ability to provide for your children, spousal and child support amounts will be taken into consideration.

If you have always been the primary caretaker, your children are likely very attached to you, and stripping you of custody could be traumatic and destabilizing for your children. The courts understand that.

When it comes to child support, the courts will look at the income of both parents, the number of children, any special needs such as medical care or private schooling costs, child care costs, and the parenting time allocations, if appropriate. If you plan on going back to work, spousal support and child support may give you time and financial support to re-establish a professional career. Working with an attorney who understands Minnesota child support, divorce and family law is the best way to ensure you’re receiving fair treatment and consideration throughout your divorce proceedings.

Your attorney will fight for the best possible outcome

If you believe you need a divorce but are waiting out of concern for the impact it will have on your children, you should speak with an experienced divorce attorney. Your attorney can help you devise a custody and parenting plan that is fair to everyone and ensures your children are put first.

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