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January 2016 Archives

We help victims of real estate fraud

Minneapolis newspapers often feature stories about criminal matters involving fraud. Fraud occurs when a person intentionally induces another to do something that causes the actor to suffer harm. Fraud often happens in situations where the victim incurs financial hardship and the perpetrator seeks to monetarily benefit from the other's loss.

Minneapolis residential real estate market is strong

According to real estate experts, 2015 ended with a positive swing in the local housing market. Based on continuing trends, it appears that 2016 will build on last year's successes, at least in some areas of the greater Minneapolis community.

Historic zoning limits what can be done with certain properties

Last week this Minneapolis real property law blog looked at the specific topic of aesthetic zoning. This week it will focus on another unique form of zoning that property owners in the area may encounter -- historic zoning. As its name implies, historic zoning deals with the preservation and treatment of structures that have existed for long periods of time.

What is aesthetic zoning?

Communities throughout Minnesota may impose a variety of zoning rules on the individuals who own property within their borders. As discussed in prior posts on this real estate and land use law blog, zoning can dictate what types of buildings may be built in which areas of a city or town. Building a structure that does not conform to the zoning regulations permitted for location can result in the builder or property owner facing fines and other sanctions.

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