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Don’t let building permit issues derail your plans

When a new structure is built in Minneapolis or one of its surrounding communities, it is subject to various local and state regulations. Particularly, a new building generally must secure a building permit before its construction is undertaken. A building permit is effectively permission from a governmental authority to construct a building according to the specifications and details provided in a permit plan.

Governments use building permits for a variety of reasons. They help regulate land use issues in a community, and they are a way for government bodies to make sure that new construction projects fit into the zoning regulations applicable to their building locations. Building permits can be cumbersome to acquire, and in some cases an individual interested in constructing a new building may wonder if it is worth securing one before starting his project.

Not having a building permit can bring a construction project to a screeching halt. It can cause a builder to incur financial and legal headaches associated with the failure to have a permit in place. It can delay or even inhibit a project from moving forward if the plan for the construction does not meet the requirements of the building regulations in the area where the project is to be undertaken.

Individuals who need building permits to make their construction projects happen sometimes use real property and construction law attorneys to help them secure the necessary documents for their plans. The attorneys of Burns & Hansen offer just such legal services and can help new and existing clients exercise due diligence when preparing and securing documentation for building permits. To learn more about building permits and other government regulations that apply to construction projects in the area, please contact our firm.