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October 2015 Archives

Are there advantages to renting a home instead of buying one?

To rent or to buy: many Minnesota residents struggle with this important residential property decision. While some people prefer the flexibility of only being bound to a home for the duration of a lease agreement, others enjoy the autonomy that comes with home ownership. There are advantages to both housing paths, and this blog post will focus on the advantages of choosing to be a residential real estate renter.

Minnesota court rules on residential construction matter

A home fire can be a devastating event for a Minneapolis family. It can destroy not only the dwelling where a family lives its life but also all of the possessions and memories contained within it. Ultimately, however, the most distressing outcome of a home fire can be the losses of life suffered when individuals cannot escape the fire's smoke and flames.

Evictions may be based on different factors

An eviction is a serious legal process in which a person or parties are forced out of their home due to conduct alleged by the properties' landlords. In Minnesota, and in different jurisdictions throughout the country, evictions can be based on different rationales. While some bases for evictions may not be found permissible by courts others may serve as grounds to remove people from their rented homes.

Should I have insurance when my house is under construction?

A home is a major investment for most Minnesota families. For that reason, they carefully select insurance policies that protect not only the structures that they live in but also the possessions they keep inside of those houses. It seems, from this perspective, that home owners may only need an insurance policy for when the home is completed and they have moved into it. However, having a home insurance policy during the construction phase of a house building project can provide important financial protections for the future occupants of the structure.

Do capital gains taxes apply to real estate investments?

When a Minneapolis resident has a steady job the person likely receives a paycheck for the work the person performs from the person's employer. That income is taxed by the state and federal governments and the employee is able to keep the portion of the earnings that are not allocated to taxes and other government-run programs. There are other ways, however, that a person may earn money besides having a job and in those scenarios the individual may be taxed on those earnings as well.

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