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September 2015 Archives

City seeks to attract consumers to new residential real estate

Downtown Minneapolis is thriving, and the city's Town Council is taking proactive steps to showcase the residential real estate opportunities that individuals may experience if they choose to live in the metropolitan center. On several occasions throughout the last year the Town Council has hosted events where apartment buildings are able to open their doors and show visitors the amenities they have to offer in their residential developments. Many new residential property buildings will be opening their doors in the next few months and the Town Council hopes that its preview days will help fill those units with renters who are excited to live in the city's booming downtown center.

What land use laws could affect my real property rights?

Ownership of real property may seem to be an absolute right. When a Minneapolis resident buys a tract of land the person may believe that the property owner as the full and unencumbered right to use that tract how the person wants and exactly as the property owner sees fit. However, land use laws may interfere with the use and enjoyment of the property.

New homes can exhibit different types of construction defects

One of the most exciting experiences that a Minneapolis resident can have in the world of real estate is building his own brand new home. Reviewing blueprints and interviewing builders can be nerve-wracking and fun -- seeing those two dimensional plans become a true brick and mortar representation of one's dream home is quite a fulfilling experience. A well-built home can serve a family for generations and will last for decades into the future.

Zoning disputes with the city can be difficult

Did you know that different cities in the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul area may have different zoning regulations? What is permissible in one community may result in a zoning violation in another. For individuals who plan to move from city to city, even within the same geographic area, understanding zoning rules is critical to staying ahead of real problem headaches.

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