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Is a landlord allowed to raise rent on a commercial property?

A Minneapolis business owner may choose to rent or buy a commercial property out of which to operate the person's enterprise. If the person buys the space that the business will occupy then the person will have a fair amount of autonomy regarding what to do with the space. If a business owner chooses to rent a building or commercial space, the person may be bound by the rules of the property owner from which the business rents.

The basics of a real property title

All across Minneapolis people own real property. Individuals own homes, condos, businesses and tracts of land. Some own their property outright while others are paying off mortgages or other loans in order to secure their full ownership. When a person seeks to own a parcel of real property the person generally must acquire the property's title.

Business fights neighbors, zoning to open doors

Just outside of the Twin Cities sits the community of Stillwater, Minnesota. Like many other suburbs of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Stillwater operates with its own city ordinances and community-based rules. It employees a city council to review matters related to its government and recently an interesting zoning issue came up within the town.

Easements can be a source of real estate disputes

When purchasing a residential property, a Minnesota home buyer may expect that the entirety of what the home needs -- the land, the home's structure, a driveway and more -- will be contained on the property the person seeks to purchase. This is not always the case. Some properties lack particular necessities and utilize the surrounding properties to accomplish what they need. When a property carries with it the right to use part of a neighboring property for ingress and egress or another purpose, the property is said to have an easement on the other.

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