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February 2015 Archives

Create a comprehensive lease agreement when renting a home

Renting a home can be a fun and scary prospect. Throughout Minneapolis there are many homes, condos and apartments for available for lease and a person can get confused in the great scheme of sorting through rental agreements when looking at all possible options. Before signing a contract to lease a property, individuals on both sides of the renter-owner relationship should be familiar with some important lease terms.

Eviction disputes can force you out of your home

Many Minneapolis residents dream of owning their own homes. It is part of the American dream and secures a person a certain level of freedom to know that the person is the proprietor of the land on which the person's residence sits. However, houses are expensive even in modest neighborhoods and it can take some prospective buyers many years just to save up enough money to have down payments.

What is construction and to whom does it apply?

Whenever a party contracts to build a new building or perform major remodels on an existing structure, construction law may be involved. Minnesota residents who work in the construction field or who have worked with construction professionals to build their homes and business structures have likely come across this area of legal practice. However, due to the breadth of topics covered by construction law it can sometimes be hard to completely define.

Country club in the middle of a real estate dispute

Unfortunately, family members don't always agree on certain things, especially when money is involved. This is currently the case for a family who owns a Minnesota country club. The family members -- all shareholders -- are disputing the sale of the country club because it is allegedly being sold without everyone's consent.

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