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You need solid contracts to keep construction projects going

When it comes to construction projects, the importance of planning can’t be overstated. Whether you’re a builder, supplier, designer, contractor, subcontractor or owner, the success of a project depends on the planning and the strength of the contracts between all parties involved. As with a built structure itself, protections against liability and the trajectory of profits must come from a firm foundation, and solid contracts are that foundation.

In construction, delays cost money. It is crucial to the success of any construction project to ensure prompt payment and delivery of services from all parties involved. You can address these issues with effective construction contracts, which can clarify and account for a range of obstacles that could potentially lead to the stoppage of work and the loss of money.

Attorneys at Burns & Hansen, P.A., know the importance of contracts at every step of the process, from site preparation to remodeling. If you are new to the construction business, then don’t get caught by surprise. Here are some concerns that can be addressed in a contract to protect you from liability and monetary losses:

  • Responsibility for costs you did not anticipate
  • How potential disputes will be resolved
  • Treatment of change orders
  • Contractor agreements
  • Supplier agreements
  • Contingent payments and progress payments
  • Scope of work

While you are focused on completing the job and securing profits, a construction law attorney can work to protect your rights and interests. To learn more about the construction law practice of Burns & Hansen, P.A., please visit our construction contract overview.