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Manage a Minnesota real estate dispute

First-time Minnesota home buyers are often caught up in the excitement of making their real property dreams come true that they sometimes miss important details in their purchase agreements. All across Hennepin County contracts for new and existing homes carry with them diverse and often unexpected clauses that unprepared buyers may not properly heed before signing on the dotted line. When issues arise during or after a home’s closing, the parties to the real property sale may find themselves fighting over issues that could have been addressed much sooner.

Whether a point of disagreement relates to a property condition, contract clause or verbal exchange between buyer and seller, it can have repercussions on the success of the sale down the road, if it is not managed. A real estate dispute can threaten the success of a home’s sale and leave parties scraping to either find new buyers or find new homes into which they can move.

One responsible way to avoid sales disputes and to preemptively handle any differences that arise during a real estate transaction is to enlist the support of a trained real estate attorney. Lawyers who work in the real estate field understand how to draft purchase and sales contracts and know what provisions must be included in order to satisfy the laws and regulations of the state and county. Using a real estate lawyer can help an individual prevent real estate disputes and successfully move from the start to the finish of a real estate transaction without undue stress.

The attorneys of Burns & Hansen are prepared to serve you and help you handle the many important aspects of your real estate matter. From preparing contracts to litigating unresolved matters, our attorneys bring a wealth of experience to your real property transactions when they are involved in the process. To learn more about our firm’s practice, please visit our website on real estate disputes.