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Divorce from a narcissist is challenging

Being married to a narcissistic person is a challenging experience. Some people who are in this position are excited by the thought that they will be able to divorce the person. They might not realize that there are some difficulties with divorcing a narcissist.

If you are in this position, you have to think carefully about your strategy. You can’t plan on having an easy divorce that involves compromise because most people who are narcissistic won’t let this happen. They want to have their way all the time and no matter what the cost.

Truth is optional

Many narcissistic people don’t base their choices on the truth. Instead, they live in their own world where the truth is optional. They try to make themselves sound like the victim in every circumstance, even if they were the person who was doing something wrong. Unfortunately, many individuals who have narcissism are charismatic, so others tend to believe what they claim. This can make it hard in divorce, but most judges will be able to see through the facade.

Need for power

A person who is narcissistic needs to feel powerful. They will try to control the divorce proceedings to make this happen. It is possible that they will try to drag the proceedings on just to make you miserable. They might also try to drain the money so that you walk away without much. The bottom line is that they want to make things difficult for you so they can gloat about how they were in control. Often, they will refuse to negotiate or go through mediation just for this purpose.

Protect your emotions

Your emotions can suffer when you are up against a narcissist. By now, you probably know their strategies and tactics so you can try to come up with a plan to protect your mental health. Throughout the process to end the marriage, remember that telling the truth is always the best thing to do. Don’t allow yourself to be sucked into the negativity that your ex will bring.

Many narcissists will try to wear down their ex as they drag the divorce along. They hope that they can get the person to agree to their terms. Instead of doing this, remember your rights and responsibilities. Set your goals and work toward them with the help of your divorce attorney. You should try to walk away from the marriage on the best financial foundation you can.