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Construction contract problems can derail a building project

Contracts exist in every realm of life. When a Minneapolis resident starts a new job she may have to sign a contract of employment. When a couple chooses to get married, they may decide to execute a prenuptial agreement. When a person decides to build a new home or engage in a building project on an existing structure, he will likely have to sign a contract with his contractor or builder.

construction contract can be a complex document. Aside from basic terms about timing and cost, a construction contract can address if and how insurance will be provided, who may work on the project, what should happen if a material becomes unavailable and a whole host of other important construction issues. Depending on the size and complexity of the project, a construction contract could range from a page or two to dozens of pages of technical terms.

Contracts in building and construction are important for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that they should describe the parties’ rights to recovery if a breach of contract occurs. While some contracts allow for litigation, others require the parties to use mediation or arbitration in order to settle their disputes. Some contracts limit the amount of damages that a complaining party can seek, while others state that aggrieved parties can only utilize equitable means of relief.

Before you enter into a construction or building contract, you may find it helpful to explore the website of our law office. Our legal professionals can help you identify any problematic terms in your agreement that could derail your intended project. From homeowners looking to add additions to their residences to business owners hoping to construct their own business sites, our diverse group of clients utilizes our legal services to prepare for building projects and to avoid future construction disputes.