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Posts tagged "Residential real estate"

Buying a home may not be a priority for all

Homeownership is sometimes viewed as one of a person's many steps on the way to true adulthood. To some Minneapolis residents, giving up an apartment with friends in lieu of buying a home with a significant other signifies the start of a lifestyle committed to the family and home. Although this has been a trend in the past, recent studies are suggesting that young people have a different view on homeownership than those of generations past.

Residential real estate construction up in Minneapolis suburbs

When a Minnesota resident begins the process of buying a home, the person has some important decisions to make. One of those decisions concerns whether the person will buy a new construction or an existing home. While a new construction home is one in which the buyer is the first owner, in an existing home a buyer moves in after prior titleholders.

How is owning a condo different than owning a single family home?

When a Minneapolis resident is faced with deciding which residential property he wants to buy, he has a lot of decisions to make. He must establish his budget and must prioritize features that he wants in his new abode. He may select neighborhoods where he would prefer to buy, and he may look into crime rates, school reputations and other factors before settling on a residence. Another consideration that buyer may make is if he wants a free standing home or one in a multiunit dwelling. The differences between owning acondo and a single family home can be significant in terms of what the property owner may and may not do with the structure.

Create a comprehensive lease agreement when renting a home

Renting a home can be a fun and scary prospect. Throughout Minneapolis there are many homes, condos and apartments for available for lease and a person can get confused in the great scheme of sorting through rental agreements when looking at all possible options. Before signing a contract to lease a property, individuals on both sides of the renter-owner relationship should be familiar with some important lease terms.

What information must a party provide when selling a home?

Some houses sell off the market within hours; others sit and wait for days without seeing any interest from a potential buyer. Whether a Minneapolis seller can move his property quickly or not may depend on a number of factors. However, regardless of the speed at which he sells his property, he may have to make several important disclosures to his buyer before the transaction can be completed.

When is the best time to sell a home in Hennepin County?

Each season offers many benefits to individuals living throughout the metropolitan Twin Cities area. While summer and spring are filled with beautiful growth and sunshine, fall brings the perfect colors of autumn as winter offers snow for outdoor fun and games. Unless a homeowner has a specific time that he needs to be out of his house, it can be difficult for a Hennepin County resident to decide when to try to sell a home.

Hennepin challenges residential rental real estate policies

Throughout Minnesota and right here in Hennepin County there are opportunities for low income wage earners to find affordable rental housing. Federal laws require that states provide certain amounts of such housing, so that individuals of all levels of affluence have chances to get into their own properties. However, several local communities are questioning the state's implementation of that requirement and have made their challenge in the form of a complaint based in the Fair Housing Act.

Three simple steps to reduce your home's radon risk

Whether you are a Minnesota home buyer or a home seller, you likely have more than enough to worry about. Simply reading through all the legal documents that accompany a real estate purchase or sale can keep a person busy for days.

Turn out the lights, we've got a scary one - about foreclosure!

There are as many myths about bankruptcy and foreclosure as there are about ... whatever there are myths about. Before the financial meltdown and the ensuing foreclosure crisis, there may even have been groups of campers sitting around fires late at night telling scary stories about foreclosures.

Make sure you understand fees when buying a house in Minneapolis

When buying a home -- whether it is for the first time or the sixth time -- it can always be exciting, but also rather stressful. Many in the Minneapolis area are no doubt familiar with the process of going from house to house, checking for new listings and hoping that the next home will be the one. 

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